Hello booklovers

Hello world. I am a student of Italian literature and philosophy that enjoys reading and discussing about different thoughts and subjects. I started a bookstagram account about a year ago and now I decided to expand my bookish obsession into a blog. I would like to write reviews about the books I read, those for pleasure and the ones that I have to read for my classes (trust me I will only pick out the good ones ). As I am a student of Italian language, I have to write my assignments in Italian, so some of the posts might be in Italian. My initial idea is to write this blog in English (which is not my mother language so please don’t go all grammar nazi on me if I sometimes misspell something) with some Italian and Slovene posts here and there and we’ll see where this takes me.

You can also follow me on my bookstagram account if you like cute pictures of books and please don’t be shy, write me some book recommendations and titles of books of which you would like me to write about.

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You can contact me on my email : maja.berem@gmail.com  or on my instagram page: majavslife

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