Sherlock Holmes is dead and darkness falls- MORIARTY by Anthony Horowitz

Moriarty made me like crime novels. I don’t usually like crime books but I must say Moriarty really made me change my mind. I am really lucky to have my love, who buys me books for presents and so far all of his choices were really good. I would never pick up a book of this gender at the book shop and thank you Mouse for doing it for me, because it really is a great book.

The novel follows Frederick Chase and Athelney Jones as they try to prevent a new American criminal mastermind taking over the streets of London after Moriarty’s believed dead and Sherlock Holmes is also out of the picture.

The story is full of interesting twists and a real joy to read. Near the end, right at the top of the story, there is a twist that is almost impossible to expect and it really put a smile on my face when, because I felt like the writer was being a big troll until that moment.

I heartily recommend this book to everybody, even if you would not normally pick up a book of this gender. I later found out this book was a sequel and I cannot wait to read the first book (The house of Silk). (Quite frequently I tend to read the second or the third book before the first one when it comes to sequels…I don’t really know why :) .)

Lets say it deserves 4/5 cookies.