Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz

Everybody has their own universe of secrets. Hello my fellow bookworms:) I am really happy that I get to write about this book because the story is really unique. Everybody was saying great things about it and I just could not wait to read it.

Quick storyline:

Ari (short for Aristotle) is a boy that likes to be left alone. He lives with his mom and dad in a city named El Paso. The story begins one summer when Ari goes swimming and he meets Dante. Dante offers to teach him how to swim and they become friends. They seem to be the exact opposite of one another and yet they fit perfectly together.  Everything is ok until a car accident happens in which Ari saves Dante’s life by throwing himself in front of him. Aristotle ends up with two broken legs and a long recovery. While Ari is recovering, Dante moves to another city with his parents for a school year. In the meantime, Ari gets better and even gets two friends at school Gina and Susie. Dante writes to Ari about his experimenting with drinking, smoking, kissing … He tells Ari that he likes kissing boys and not girls and still wants Ari to be his friend. Ari’s life is getting better because his legs cured, he got a truck and learned how to drive and even got a job flipping burgers, but he is angry inside and he doesn’t know why.  When Dante returns they are still best friends and another summer of hanging out, discovering the secrets of the universe lies ahead of them. Dante tells Ari about him definitely liking boys, and that he loves him, but Ari thinks they should just stay best friends. One day Dante gets beat up really badly by a group of boys because they saw him kissing another boy and Aristotle makes it his mission to make those boys pay and breaks one boy’s nose. That is the crucial moment that leads to Ari finally realising why he’s so angry inside and he admits to himself that he loves Dante from the moment he meets him.

Both Ari’s and Dante’s parents are very supporting and love their sons very much, but for Ari’s parents the story is really important because it helps them to resolve their own problems.

I would like to emphasize that I liked the book very much because alongside the main story, there is also the story of Aristoteles parents, which develops itself all way through the book and reaches the top at the same moment when Ari discovers his love for Dante.

Another thing I also really liked is that the book  underlines the necessity of communication in a family, which is in our time to often forgotten.

The book is really easy to read because it has a constant float of the story. I really liked how the author describes the characters, I felt like I really got to know them and understood their choices. I had nothing in common with any of the characters but I could steel relate to them and for me a book that can do such a thing is a good read. (The only thing that I missed a little bit was the width of the vocabulary, but that is just me and my obsession with it. :) )

I give it  3/5 cookies.