Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

I am really excited to share with you one of my favourite authors, Aldous Huxley. This masterpiece is another one of those books that everybody should read.

Quick storyline:

The story is placed in the future where Ford (the director of the car company Ford) is presumed God by the people of the future. He has created a society that is formed as a production line in a (car) factory. People are supposed to be happy all the time and the society achieves this by keeping them busy all the time and giving them soma (it comes in forms of compressions, and is a form of a drug). The plot is created by a man that wants something more, that is not content with everyday life that this futuristic society wants him. He and a girl he loves go on vacation in a “natural reserve” where you can observe the people from the past, the savages (a kind of people zoo). There he bonds with a man, that is a son of a savage father and a “normal” mother that stayed in the reserve. The savage is than brought to the “modern” society, to which he is a total stranger. After his mother’s death (the “normal” people do not understand why he is sad about his mother dying because they do not look at dying as something sad, and they are disgusted about the idea of  parents, especially a mother, because in the new society people are made in artificially and are not raised by the parents) and some other events where it becomes clear that he could not fit into this new world he goes and lives in an old barn, but even there he is not left alone by the curious people. The story finishes with him killing himself because he cannot live in this new world.

The story is a lot more complex and it is not really possible to fit it in a “quick storyline”, but I wanted to delineate at least a little bit of what the story is about.

The New world is described in details, the excessive consumerism, the “raising methods” of children, the disgust about the parents, the disgust towards old people (just mother of the savage, because there are no elder people among the future people), and much more. There are a lot of really interesting details in the story, one of them for example is the soma. In this brave new world soma is used to drug people, make them happy so they would not start thinking. Huxley probably based it on the soma mentioned in the Rigveda that was a ritual drink used in hinduistic and other Asian religions. (Almost all the ritual drinks in the history had the same effects as drugs :) but that is just my opinion so do not be angry about it ;))

This is just one of the interesting facts of this book and if I wanted to write all of them I would need a lot more space and time :) (unfortunately I am a student and time is really limited because of my obligation to study :) ).

One should not forget that general opinion is created by society.

It definitly deserves 5/5 cookies.