I found what I was looking for. I always like to make the purchase of a book a special moment, so I invent events in my head and use them as excuses to buy new ones. So this June when I finished all my exams I felt like I really needed to reward myself for all the weeks of hard studying. I decided to get Looking for Alaska by John Green, because I heard nothing but good things about it and John never disappointed me. 

Quick story line:

Miles Halter, the main character, is a particular boy, whose favourite spare time thing to do is memorizing last words of famous people. The story starts with him going to boarding school and finding real friends for the first time in his life. The story consist of first time drinking, smoking, doing teenage things with a group of friends, which members are Chip Martin, Takumi, Lara and Alaska Young. From the first time they meet Alaska awakens special feelings in Miles, which only get stronger as he gets to know her better. Alaska has that something special that makes you want to know more about her. The story is full of exciting pranks that are part of the little “war” with the Eagle, who is the stern Dean of Students at Culver Creek. I will not let you know the end because then I would ruin it for you :) .

As always Mr. Green did a great work. The book is written beautifully, with a vast vocabulary. My favourite character from the book is their religion professor, because he is the sort of character that is gentle but harsh and knows a lot of things (I simply name figures of this type: Dumbledore :) ). I thinks it is amazing how the author  manages to include some of Asian philosophy main ideas in such an accurate way ( I took a class about Asian and middle east philosophy and religion and I liked that I could connect so many things to the ones that we studied).

I liked the book very much but I have to admit that in one point near the end it is easy to lose interest because all of a sudden there are not so many citations and thoughts, which can be otherwise seen throughout the whole book and are (for me) one of the most interesting part of a book(but I am a little bit obsessed with citations :) ). 

I give it 4/5 cookies.