The picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Everyone should try to look prettier on the inside

Another review, another classicJ. I have really pleasant memories of this book, because I was reading on my special island where I take summer vacations. I was enjoying it in a shadow of a humongous pine tree on the beach with the background music of the waves (this really are pleasant memories, because right now I am studying…

When I first started to read it, I was under the impression I was reading a homosexual novel (I must confess I still have a trace of that feeling).  I started really liking it when I was about 20 pages into the story and I liked every bit of it from then on. It is yet again a timeless classic like Animal Farm (about witch I already wrote). I think the stereotype that is presented through the story is maybe even more alive today that it was in the times of Oscar Wilde. Our society forms us in individuals that at the first look mainly trust a pretty person quicker than an ugly one. I am going to give you an example. If you see a person talking to himself in the street, there are two ways how most people will react. If he is dressed in a clean way (maybe with handsome wide shoulders and strong arms…..:3 ) you would probably assume he has a bluetooth in his ear. If on the other hand he looks dirty and messy, you would probably assume that the reason he is talking to himself is because he is mad.

I agree with the main idea: “Being beautiful makes your life easier.” But I think in the end, life always finds a way to make the ugly come out.

The appearance of somebody’s body is not the image of somebodies soul. People really should try to look

prettier on the inside instead of constantly worrying about their looks.

I give it an 4/5.